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A Guide for Disabled Consumers:
Who's Disabled in America?

[7] It's Your Choice: Vote With Your Feet!

Pretty much like any other people anywhere, people with "disabilities" want nothing more than simply to be treated fairly and equally.

But maybe that doesn't always happen.

So what do you do if it doesn't?

What if you go somewhere to shop or stop to get something to eat, or buy a new car, or visit a doctor's office, or whatever — and when you get there, you find they are NOT barrier-free ...

Or maybe the place is physically barrier-free, but the people you meet there act indifferent - or maybe even a bit hostile - when you ask for help with your particular "special need" ...

The Law requires the place to be physically barrier-free. The Law doesn't require the people that run the place to care. And whether you like it or not, some folks just really don't give a damn.

So what do you do about that?

Want to Fight About It?
If you can find two other unrelated people who also feel that their civil rights were violated in a similar manner, the three of you could initiate a "class action" lawsuit ...

Or you could get your friends together and organize a boycott, and parade back and forth in front of their store with picket signs ...

Or you can file all sorts of formal complaints with any or all of the various government agencies that deal with such civil rights and consumer issues, at national, state, and local levels ...

All three of the above-described options have been exercised by numerous civil rights activist groups and consumer organizations over the years by various "minorities" in their efforts to achieve a greater measure of equal treatment.

In our opinion, all of the options described above tend to be tedious and time-consu
ming, and will undoubtedly take several years out of your life.

Will Fighting About It Really Get You Anywhere?
Well, maybe. Theoretically, at least ...

But regardless of whether you ultimately win or lose, we suspect that by the time you're finished, you'll probably never want to do business with that particular place again.

And they're going to hate your guts if you do ever go there again, because you will have been branded as a "troublemaker." They might have to serve you, but they probably won't like you.

And worse yet, your actions will probably be likely to have an adverse effect on how that particular business will be likely to treat other disabled customers who might happen to visit their business in the future.

And most importantly to you, if they don't care about your needs as a customer, you probably don't want to be doing business with them anyway.

Here's Some Practical Consumer Advice:
Here's a little practical consumer advice that will help you get a greater measure of what you want out of life, right now:

As a consumer, you have the absolute freedom to choose those merchants and professionals with whom you trade — and to refrain from doing business with anyone whom you feel isn't serving your needs adequately.

If they are unable - or unwilling - to make a reasonable effort to accommodate your particular needs and the needs of their other disabled customers, just forget about them!

"Vote with your feet" and find a friendlier place to go.

The retail businesses and service providers you'll find listed with BarrierFreeChoices are truly barrier-free, and they really do care about your needs as a customer, client, or patient!

And they deserve your business!

What about the other "bad attitude" guys down the street? If they don't care about you, you shouldn't be doing business with them.

As far as you're concerned, they might as well not exist. Just give your business to the guys with the good attitudes. The other guys will probably be going out of business soon anyway.

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