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A Guide for Disabled Consumers:
Who's Disabled in America?

[5] People ... Just Like Anybody Else

"Disabled People" could be anybody. Could be you, or me, or somebody we both know, or somebody else we haven't even met yet.

"Disabled People" are the same as other people, except maybe something doesn't work quite right.

Maybe we have a challenge doing something that "non-disabled" people take for granted.

Or maybe we have to do some things a different way, or it might take us a bit longer.

We might not be able to do some things at all, or only with great difficulty, or with a little help from somebody else from time to time, or with the help of some sort of device or "assistive technology."

We might need a wheelchair, or crutches, or a walker to get around. Or special equipment so we can drive, and get in and out of our vehicles.

We might need a TTY, or an amplified telephone, or a pencil and a pad of paper, or maybe someone to "talk" to who knows sign language, if we can't quite hear what "most people" are saying.

We might need to "read" things in Braille, or in a "Large Print" version, or maybe someone to read things to us, or maybe just a pair of eyeglasses, if we can't quite see what "most people" are seeing.

And even though our individual disabilities may vary considerably from one person to another, what "Disabled People" have in common is that each individual might have some condition that makes that person just a little bit "different" in some way from what "most people" regard as "normal."

And each of us "Disabled People" are going to have our own "special" needs.

Other than that, we're just like anybody else.

And all most of us need is a barrier-free place to go, and people willing to accommodate our special needs and treat us just like anybody else.

So we can live our lives just like anybody else.

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