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The Value of a Trillion-Dollar Consumer Market Segment
Who's Disabled in America?

[2] Our Economic Importance to American Business:

If you have a disability, you're an important marketing target for American business.

However, many in the business community are just beginning to realize just how important "disabled consumers" can be to the ultimate success or failure of many businesses.

“People with disabilities [are]
profitable marketing targets.”

— Wall Street Journal
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As a consumer group, people with disabilities have massive economic clout.

We're America's LARGEST MINORITY, and we earn over $1 TRILLION a year — more than the gross domestic product (GDP) of most nations in the world.

And ever since 2007, "disabled Americans" have been spending over $40 Billion annually dining out! Yes, we do like a good meal.

And those who value our business will make sure they have plenty of "disabled parking" available, and they will be sure that they have built that "handicapped" ramp, and that their rest rooms are barrier-free.

(They will be doing this regardless of whether the government ... or anybody else ... makes them do it ... if they value our business.)

And they will be sure to make a special effort to accommodate our needs ... if they care about our business.

And they will be sure to let us know that they are ready and willing to accommodate our needs, so that we will feel safe visiting their stores and offices ... if they want our business.

And if they don't, we'll just do business with someone else who does care about us.

And that's what you should do too.

That's simple enough, isn't it?

Today, there are over 73 million Disabled Americans. And together, Disabled Americans have more than $220 BILLION in disposable income ... to spend where we choose!

And business can't afford to ignore us anymore.

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