"Vote With Your Feet" - Alternative Text

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"Vote With Your Feet"
Disabled Angel Illustration and Quote:

This is the BarrierFreeChoices logo. Clicking on it will take you to our home page (which will open in a new window).This is one of our favorite illustrations at BFC. It depicts a cherub-type angel (sort of like a little chubby kid with wings) leaning on a crutch, walking away to the right. One arm is in a sling; one foot is bandaged; one eye is bruised; and his wings are a bit crumpled. And he looks like he's just been in an accident, or perhaps a serious street fight.

The quote (from the page text) says:
"If they are unable — or unwilling — to accommodate your special needs ... forget about them! 'Vote With Your Feet' and find a friendlier place to go."

We don't really think that Angels have accidents. But people do. Every day.

And applying your best efforts as an informed consumer to make those choices in the marketplace that best serve your needs as a disabled consumer will help enhance and improve your lifestyle ... every day of your life.

That's precisely what Barrier Free Choices is all about.

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