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How to Translate the BFC Websites:

Illustration: Two BFC Staff Members with their emotional support Kitten, a mighty hunter and a self-certified service animal. Using the BFC Translation Feature

The Basics:

From the time you activate our translation feature, every page in any of the BarrierFreeChoices websites (and most external sites you link to directly from one of our sites) will be viewed in the language you have chosen.

If you want to view one of our sites in a different language, you must translate your browser back to English first.

To stay on our site and return to the English language, you must manually copy our main website home page address and paste it directly (or type it) into your browser window.

Our main home page address (English version) is:
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Selecting any new website from your Favorites menu (or by typing a new address into your browser window) will also turn off our translation feature.

While using our site in English, you can turn the translation feature on whenever you like by returning to our main site home page and clicking on the flags you see at the top right.

Easy navigation: You won't get lost on our sites. Clicking on our Logo (usually at the top left corner of most pages) will always take you back to our home page.

Error Messages:

If you are going to a new page that takes too long to load, you may get an error message. Some pages will take longer to translate than others, depending on a number of factors. Try refreshing your browser window.

We have found that with some pages it was necessary to refresh a browser window 2 or 3 times, especially with the Asian languages. But refreshing the browser window has always worked for us eventually.

  • Alternative text pages: The alternative pages are intended to provide additional information about a graphic image or a "rolling text" animation for users of our service who are visually-impaired. Display of these pages is powered by Java Script technology, and some of the links may not work at all (or may cause error messages) if you are in translation mode or if you don't have a recent version of Java installed on your computer.
  • Additional information pop-up pages: Similar to alternative text pages. Intended to provide additional information for people who want to know more details about the topic on a particular page than would be of interest to general users of our service. These pop-up pages are Java-powered and usually do not work in translation mode. If you are using translation mode or if your browser does not have Java, you will want to use one of the special links described below.

Solutions and Comments:

If you need to update or install Java software on your computer, you can download the latest version of Java at (this is a free download).

Special links to look for: At various places around our site, you will find special links enclosed in brackets that might look like one of these:
[alternative text] or also [No Java?] or also [Translated?]
These special links will take you to the "text alternative" and "additional information" pages mentioned above as direct links, and those special pages will easily be translated into your language.

Please understand that the translation capability is a new feature on our some of our websites. For this reason, some of these special links may not be available yet. There are hundreds of them, and the programming must be done individually for each link, and we're working on it. We appreciate your patience.

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