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How Web Rings Work - Alternative Text Version:

This is the BarrierFreeChoices logo. Clicking on it will take you to our home page (which will open in a new window).The animation shows four Diagrams displayed in sequence, followed by an additional page of explanation. Each diagram shows six circles (representing Websites) arranged in a hex pattern around a larger circle in the center (the Web Ring Hub), with lines and arrows connecting them all. The circles change color, and the arrows change direction to illustrate how a web surfer travels through a Web Ring. If you ever took a Chemistry class, you may recall that old classic diagram of a "benzene ring" ... yep, it's about like that, only without the benzene.

Introductory Page
Text reads as follows: "Web Rings - The 'Communities' of Cyberspace" and then says "How Web Rings Work ... (a brief animated explanation, with diagrams)"

Text accompanying the diagrams says:

1. From any site in a Web Ring, you can go directly to the next (or previous) Site related to that Ring's focus of interest. Or ...

2. You can also go directly to the Hub of the Web Ring, which includes a description of each Website in the Ring. And ...

3. From the Web Ring Hub, you can go directly to any other site in that Ring you want to visit, anywhere in the World. Plus ...

4. Visitors to any site in the Ring can easily navigate to any other Member Site in the Web Ring that may be of interest to them."

The final page shows an illustration of a butterfly visiting flowers, and the text on that page says:

"5. Each Web Ring community offers web-surfers a unique opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge they may never have found otherwise."

And the Copyright information at the bottom of each page says:

Copyright Barrier Free Choices, Inc. - the Information Service for Disabled Consumers. You are free to copy and use this graphic on your website, if you display it in entirety and link it to:"