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How to Use Our Information Service

[6] Evolution and Future Directions:Illustration: Two neighbors talking, next to an antique guidepost. For more details, click the picture.

Our Service is constantly evolving and developing new ways to serve you better. Every day we discuss new ideas with our staff and others in the disabled community.

Much of the technology that allows us to provide this service didn't even exist when we started this project. Some of it has only been created in the last few months.

Our Service is powered by highly advanced database technology, and future phases will be even more advanced. New phases will be launched periodically as we compile the information.

Tentatively planned for 2014, "Barrier-Free Diversions" will be our most ambitious and complex undertaking. It will provide information a month to a year in advance regarding EVENTS such as shows, concerts, exhibits, sporting events, etc., that are held in barrier-free venues. These "Diversions" will be searchable by the user in three ways:

• The general nature of the event;

• The date(s) of the event; and of course ...

• The distance of each event from the user's home.

So if Uncle Charlie is coming to visit for a week, and he's disabled, and you know he really likes bluegrass music, or football, or opera, chances are that you'll be able to find a few interesting barrier-free diversions for Charlie while he's visiting.

Future phases of our Information Service are already in the planning stages. To provide the best service possible, we rely on feedback from others within the disabled community. Please use the Response Forms below, and let us know if there are additional products or services you'd like us to help you locate.

As BFC continues to grow and learn and evolve, we will embrace the latest technological advances that allow us to bring you the information you need to live your life to the fullest – despite your disability.

BFC RESPONSE FORMS (Flash required, or you can send us an e-mail):
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And now you know how to use our Information Service.
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