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[4] Finding Reliable Nearby Service Providers Who Come to You:
Illustration: A contractor wearing a hard hat.
Your home environment is very important, especially when you have a disability.

To live your best life, you need an environment that is "user-friendly" so you can go about life's daily activities in the easiest and most efficient way possible ... for you.

And sooner or later, whether or not we like to think of ourselves as "disabled", almost every one of us reaches a point where we can't accomplish some of life's normal everyday tasks. At least not in the same way we used to.

So perhaps we might need a little help from time to time with those tasks that enable each of us to continue living our best lives.

Or we might need to figure out alternate ways of doing the things we want to do, or find reliable people to help us with whatever we are no longer able to do for ourselves.

Or we might need to restructure our environment to make our lives more "user-friendly".

Most of us here at BFC have years of experience dealing with our own various disabilities as well as those of others. And we are dedicated to helping you achieve your greatest measure of freedom, independence, and personal satisfaction.

BFC's process for finding local people who can come and help you is a little different from searching for accessible places to "go" in your neighborhood. The next page shows how that process works to help you live your best life in your home environment.

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