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Quickly find Accessible Businesses that Exactly Meet Your Needs:
How to Use Our Information Service

Illustration: Quickly find places you CAN go. This couple is enjoying dinner in a Cafe that is 100% barrier-free.[3] Quickly Find Safe Places You CAN Go:

Searching our Information Service for barrier-free places you can go is quick and easy. Select the Resource Group (or general category) you want to search by clicking one of the links along the left side of our Navigation Page for a brief explanation of what is included in that particular Resource Group.

From there, you go directly to a Search Page for that Group, and then it is THREE EASY STEPS to get you to the information you want:

Step 1: Define Your Search
(Search by distance from your chose
n starting point)

The default search will return the nearest locations that fit your search parameters within a 5-mile radius.

Optionally, you can select a search radius up to five hundred miles from your starting point.

Then, define the STARTING POINT of your search by typing in your ZIP CODE (or the Zip Code of the area you're planning to visit). If you don't know the Zip Code, you can just type in the City and State.

To protect your privacy, we NEVER ask for your address (or any other personal information).

Step 2: Narrow Your Search to Exactly What You Want

With this optional step (discussed on the previous page), you can RESTRICT your search with a series of FILTERS that will select out ONLY those facilities that offer the consumer features you want. Search filters vary from one Resource Group to another.
(Note: Leaving all the filters unchecked in Step 2 will return the largest number of nearby facilities that will generally meet your needs.)

Step 3: Click the "Find It" Button to begin your search.

Your search results are shown in order of their distance fro
m you, with basic information on each facility that matches your search criteria. Each facility's Listing provides links to (1) a map that pinpoints the location of that facility, with driving directions; and (2) detailed consumer information about that facility, if available.

Our "DINING," "WORSHIP" and "HOME AND GARDEN" Resource Groups are open now, and our Staff is currently gathering information on barrier-free restaurants, Churches, and home repair service providers in most metropolitan areas throughout the U.S. We will soon begin locating barrier-free healthcare and shopping resources also.

In addition to barrier-free places to go, some Resource Groups provide information on local resources that deliver or provide in-home services, as well as online shopping options. These options are discussed in more detail on other pages of this section.

Additional Resource Groups are scheduled to open every few months over the next 2 or 3 years. Check our Navigation Page for more information on this.

The next page shows a brief example (with footnotes) of a typical "Search Results" page in our "Dining" section, which is searchable by Zip Code.

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