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How to Use Our Information Service

[1] Making Your Way Around the BarrierFreeChoices Websites:

An aviator looks toward the sky. Could be the pilot, could be the navigator. Who knows?If this is your first visit to BarrierFreeChoices, you may be wondering what our service is about.

Briefly, our purpose is to level the playing field and help maximize the quality of life for Americans with disabilities, by providing information and accessible resources you need to accomplish ordinary life-tasks that others may take for granted. This is discussed in more detail in our Mission Statement. (opens in new window)

In the next few pages of this Tutorial, you will learn how to use our Information Service to quickly find what you need and locate a wide variety of barrier-free resources, in your neighborhood — or even in a city or town you have never visited before.

Our website is actually a closely integrated group of websites, designed to be intuitive and easy for users to navigate. However, getting around might be easier and faster for you if you take a few minutes and read this Tutorial Section first.

You can access most of our Resource Groups and major Topical Sections directly from our main Navigation Page, and also through numerous cross-references throughout our sites.

"Resource Groups" are collections of advice, information, and lists of resources that all work together to satisfy a specific basic human need, i.e., food, housing, clothing, fitness, etc.

Each Resource Group opens with an Entry Screen that provides a brief summary of what you can expect to find within that Group. From there, you will go to a Menu Page for that Group. Some Resource Groups also include "Topical Sections" that provide more details.

Topical Sections generally consist of several pages of information on various aspects of a single topic, arranged in sequential order. Some Topical Sections are not related to any specific Resource Group, but discuss a topic of general importance to the disabled community. This Tutorial is an example of such a "general importance" Topical Section. Each Topical Section usually begins with a Menu Page for that Section.

Individual pages of each Topical Section contain navigation buttons at the top of your screen to help you move rapidly forward and backward from page to page within that Section to find specific information you want, or upward to return to that Section's Menu Page.

First and last pages of each Topical Section will also usually include a link button that goes back to our main Navigation Page.

And if you ever get lost, you can always return to our Home Page by clicking on our "wheelchair through the doorway" Logo (top left corner of most pages). So if you should happen to get lost, you're never going to be lost for more than a few seconds.

Please understand that BFC is not really a "disability" website. We're an information service to help you live your life to the fullest extent possible, despite disabilities you may have.

The next page in this Tutorial discusses the mechanics of getting more of what you want out of life, and how our user-friendly customized search system helps you proceed toward that goal.

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