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Specialty Dining Options:

Most of our Specialty Dining options are rather broad and general in nature, to make it more likely that our Users will find *something* to enjoy nearby. We often get positive feedback from people who discovered restaurants they loved that they never expected to find in their neighborhood.

Current options are grouped as follows:

International or Ethnic Cuisine
Seafood, Barbeque or "Theme" Restaurants
Pizza, Sandwiches or Quick Snacks
Bars, Pubs, Taverns, "Gathering Spots"
Nightclubs, Cocktail Lounges or Dinner Theatres
Coffee, Pastry, Candy Shops or Ice Cream Parlours
Grocers, Bakers or Specialty Food Shops
Gifts, Souvenirs, Toys, Novelty Items

Facilities that fall within the last two options shown above will also display in the "Shopping" Resource Group, as there is some overlap.

Sometimes people might want to get a box of pastry or some doughnuts while they're shopping, and that could be their lunch. And restaurants that get a lot of business from travelers or tourists will frequently sell gifts, souvenirs, etc.

So it just makes sense to list them both ways.

New options are added as we receive requests for them and are able to locate a reasonable number of barrier-free facilities offering the requested option.

Checkboxes above are for example only, and don't really do anything on this page.

Maybe you read that already, if you've been reading all these notes.

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