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Smoking Options:

You can choose to search for either:

Places that have a smoke-free area; OR
Places that have an area that allows smoking.

Or both, if you have both smokers and non-smokers in your group and want to change tables before dessert.

Or neither, if it doesn't make any difference to you.

Smoking is a controversial topic these days. Some States and Municipalities now require that ALL restaurants be smoke-free, while most don't. And there are a few places around that still don't even have a "smoke-free" area.

Consequently, in our efforts to provide you with accurate information, this search option may be modified in the future, in accordance with new legislative mandates and/or the changing tides of public opinion.

Checkboxes above are for example only, and don't really do anything on this page. Repeated clicking on the checkboxes won't make a cigarette magically appear between your fingers, but it might be a therapeutic way to burn off a little excess nervous energy if you've recently quit smoking (or if you're thinking about it).

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