Footnote 4"Dining" Search Options - Footnote
Alcoholic Beverage Options:

If you want a drink or two with dinner, that's fine with us, as long as you keep it in moderation.

And if you're planning to get stinking drunk, please remember to choose a designated driver before you go, and then be sure to keep that person sober.

Your Search Options are:

Cocktails; or any combination thereof;
Places that sell alcohol to go; OR
Places that DON'T serve alcoholic beverages.

Sorry, we don't have any Search Options to find where they serve which brands of beer, or where there's a bartender who can make a decent Piña Colada. You're on your own for that.

Checkboxes above are for example only, and don't really do anything on this page. No matter how many times you click the "wine" checkbox, that glass of water on your desk will *not* turn into wine. Only Jesus could do that.

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