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The protocol for searching our Information Service to find Resources that come to you is a little different than searching for barrier-free places you can go. There is no need to enter your Zip Code or a Search Radius, since it doesn't make any difference how far away they are, but only that they serve your area.

To locate a Resource, you begin by selecting your State, and then your City or Metropolitan Area from text lists. Then you select the type of resource you want from lists specific to each Metro Area, based on what is currently listed with our Service in that area.

The top of each "search results" page displays the Metropolitan Area and Type of Resource you selected. All resources that serve your area and meet your search criteria are listed on one page.

Since each resource list is individually created rather than database-driven (as with places to go, for example), we are able to include more consumer information in each Listing. For those users who want to know more, there is a "Details" link that goes to a Display Listing on our Service, or to the Service Provider's home page, if available.

Our "Home and Garden" Resource Group, now in its own website, currently uses this search protocol.

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