Display Listing Example - Footnote 7The Graphic Display Feature

Each Display Listing features a large graphic image that provides additional information for you, displayed at the lower left area of your screen.

This could include a company's Logo; or one or more photos or illustrations of their store, or featured products or services, or their people. This gives prospective customers a better idea of that facility's atmosphere or ambience; or a better idea of what to expect when you get there, if it is a place you would normally visit in the course of doing business with them.

If there are multiple graphic images, they will display as a rotating slideshow, sometimes with text or captions on each image, changing images every few seconds, to provide even more information about that facility.

If a facility has chosen not to display a graphic image in their Listing, this area will simply show a default "placeholder" image that certifies the barrier-free status of that particular facility, or its status as a certified in-home service provider.

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