Display Listing Example - Footnote 6Verification of Barrier-Free Status

For Resources where a person would GO (as opposed to Resources that deliver products, or provide in-home services) each Display Listing shows their Barrier-Free status.

This information has been individually verified by phone or in person by a member of our Staff for each facility listed with us.

And if there is anything about a particular facility that is NOT barrier-free, notes on that will appear in the "Status" or "Locator Information" area.

Please be aware that a few facilities listed with us are not "100% barrier-free" by ADA standards. Since our individual disabilities vary widely, both in nature and degree, what's accessible for one person may not be quite so accessible for another.

We evaluate each facility individually, and will list them ONLY if we believe them to be accessible for the majority of the disabled community.

Additionally, a real person in authority at each facility registered with our Service has assured a member of our Staff that their management and personnel are trained (or instructed) to be sensitive to the special needs of their customers with disabilities.

You can rest assured that they will NOT be listed with us if they have demonstrated a negative or hostile attitude toward serving their customers with disabilities.

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