Display Listing Example - Footnote 2Distance, Directions and Locator Information

Locator Information in each Display Listing is provided by that facility's management to help you find them quickly, and may include such as a nearby landmark or intersection, or special directions or instructions.

"(Exit 3 West off the Route 66 Freeway)" or
"(at the corner of 6th and Main)" or
"(across the street from Wal-Mart)" or
"(around the corner from the Courthouse)"
... and so forth.

Distance from the User's location to each listed facility is displayed on the Search Results page in both miles and kilometers. Example: "about 2.3 miles [or 3.7 km] from you." Kilometric data was added this year, in response to requests from many of our International visitors.

Maps and Driving Directions are also available on the Search Results page.

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