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How to Find Out if Your Business Qualifies to be Listed with BFC:
The Demographics of Disabled Access

[9] Does Your Business Qualify?

"Companies marketing to
people with disabilities
can reach as many as
4 in every 10 consumers.
Corporate America
can't afford to
ignore or stereotype
this market."
FORTUNE Magazine
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Regardless of where or how you advertise now, you know that every business needs advertising to survive in today's competitive market. BarrierFreeChoices offers a unique low-cost advertising opportunity, if your business or professional practice qualifies.
Illustration: A magnet attracting money.
Caption: "If you're qualified to List here, our Information Service can be your money magnet!"

Our Information Service is a unique RESOURCE for disabled consumers that helps them find the products and services they need — from barrier-free businesses just like yours — locally, and as they travel, throughout the United States.

Our Service is also a valuable RESOURCE for your business that will bring you new customers.
If you're qualified to List here, our Information Service will be your money magnet!

If your business is barrier-free, and you want to do more business with the disabled community, you need to be listed with our Service.

When you register your barrier-free business or professional practice with our unique Information Service, disabled consumers who live in (or visit) your area will be able to find you instantly — when they're READY TO BUY WHAT YOU SELL.

What it Takes to Qualify:

There are only three qualifying conditions your business or professional practice has to meet:


Your business must be reasonably barrier-free now OR be able to provide your products and/or services to your customers "in-home" or in a place that is accessible for them.
(because as far as most people with disabilities are concerned, if the products or services you provide are not accessible to them, your business might as well not even exist);


You must be ready and willing to make a little extra effort to meet the special needs of your disabled customers whenever a customer might appear to need extra help.
(because most people with disabilities prefer to do business with people who are sensitive to their special needs and who provide reasonable customer service);


You must be committed to consistently directing a portion of your marketing effort toward letting those of us who are disabled know your business is accessible for us AND that you do care about our business
(because most people with disabilities don't like to risk visiting new places or doing business with new people, unless they feel safe and comfortable doing so. And if you don't tell us, most of us won't even know you're out there).

If you meet those three conditions, then listing your business with our Information Service will bring you new business from the disabled community, and they'll most likely be bringing along their families and friends as well.

And if your business can satisfy their expectations, your new customers will become loyal customers, and they will be back again and again.

The Bottom Line:

Want to list your qualifying barrier-free retail business with our Service? Here's the deal:

If your business meets the above qualifications, we'll list you on our Service for the next 12 months for about 70¢ a day per location or less (with a one-time $40 setup charge)!

Listing YOUR barrier-free business with our Information Service may be the most effective – and cost-effective – form of advertising your business has ever had!

Find Out Now If You Qualify:

Click this link to find out if your business qualifies to register with our Service. The link will take you to a brief form you can fill out and submit online in a few minutes. If your business qualifies, you will get an e-mail response in a few minutes and we will be in touch with you in a few days. Alternatively, you can E-MAIL US, and a member of our Staff will be glad to discuss the details with you.

Want to know more about how it works? Check out "How to Use Our Information Service".
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