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Key Facts You Need to Know When Marketing to Consumers with Disabilities:
The Demographics of Disabled Access

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[8] Learn Key Facts to Grow Your Business!

Here are some key facts that show why marketing to people with disabilities will increase the bottom line for YOUR business: [Links to studies quoted can be found in the "References" section (bottom of this page).]

Key Fact: The Americans With Disabilities Act does not automatically "guarantee" equal access to all facilities for every American with a disability. Many retail stores are just not ADA-compliant, and some may never become so, due to a variety of factors. People with Disabilities soon realize they must become their own advocates.
— Source: U.S. Dept of Justice, ADA Division

Key Fact: More than 1 in 5 Americans (currently about 23%) have disabilities "severe enough to impair their mobility" according to recent U.S. Census data and other similar studies. America's disability rate is projected to exceed 25% of the U.S. population by the year 2020.
— Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Key Fact: A recent marketing study showed that America's disabled are "an increasingly powerful sector" of the economy "worth over $220 BILLION in [consumer] spending power" and with a collective annual income in excess of $1 TRILLION.
— Source: National Organization on Disability

Key Fact: Since 1970, the most rapid increase in disability rate has occurred among two age groups that are generally the most significant customers of retail business — children and young adults.
— Source: U.S. Dept of Education, National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR), "25-year Study: Trends in Disability Rates"

Key Fact: Internet usage is almost 100% among these same two demographic groups. Internet users generally have a higher level of disposable income than the general population. Most importantly, today more than 85% of internet users regularly go online to "research a product or service before buying it."
— Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project

Key Fact: A recent consumer study by SIA (now SIFMA), the trade association for the securities and financial markets industry, reported that "individuals with disabilities present a particularly ripe market opportunity." That study also reported that "people with disabilities make up a large part of the computer market, spending about $700 BILLION per year on computers and accessories" [according to Microsoft, this figure is now substantially higher] and "Because of it's convenience, disabled individuals have long used the Internet in making product purchases, and [other] service choices as well."
— Source: Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, "Disability Marketing"

Key Fact: Despite our disabilities, each of us will find ways to buy those commodities we want. And when we have choices in where to buy, we will always make BARRIER-FREE choices.
— Source: BarrierFreeChoices, "Shopping Trends in the Disability Community"

Key Fact: When most people go out shopping or out to dine, they usually go with friends or family members. This is especially true of people with disabilities.
— Source: Harris Interactive, "Travel/Hospitality Survey of American Adults with Disabilities"

Key Fact: When people travel, dine out, or go shopping as a group, and if even one member of their group happens to have some sort of disability, the accommodation of that person's disability usually becomes a major factor in deciding where their entire group will go on that particular excursion or shopping trip.
— Source: Harris Interactive, "Travel/Hospitality Survey of American Adults with Disabilities"

Key Fact: A disabled customer is a CUSTOMER who happens to have a disability. And satisfied customers – disabled or not – are your very best advertising. If you can satisfy the needs of your customers as consumers, they – and their friends – will be back again and again.
— Source: BarrierFreeChoices, "Shopping Trends in the Disability Community"

Key Fact: Americans with Disabilities have in excess of $220 BILLION in "disposable" income, every year! And if you don't get our business, SOMEBODY ELSE WILL!
— Source: BarrierFreeChoices, "Shopping Trends in the Disability Community"

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