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"People With Disabilities" are a 23+% market segment in the United States!
If you can accommodate them, the BFC Team can help you get their business:
The Demographics of Disabled Access
Illustration: A safe overflowing with money. When people know a business  can serve its disabled customers, its profits will increase dramatically.
"Rolling text" caption: If your retail business can accommodate the needs of your disabled customers, we can show you how to increase your bottom line!
Get Your Share of This Market:
[1] The Ongoing Quest for Success
[2] Increasing Your Profit Potential
[3] Why Customers Vanish
[4] Understanding the "Ripple Effect"
[5] A Hypothetical Example
[6] The Double-Edged Sword
[7] The Accessibility Factor
[8] Symbiosis, the ADA, and Your Business
[9] Key Facts You Need to Understand
[10] Does Your Business Qualify?

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