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 The logical progression of assistive technology ...
About Our User-Friendly Site Design
[6] The "Resource Group" Concept:

Barrier-Free Choices
... in Your Neighborhood!

The barrier-free resources listed on our Information Service are arranged and grouped the way you think, based on marketing studies and conversations we've had with hundreds of disabled consumers over the last couple of decades, and ALSO based on logic AND common sense.

(Lately it seems that both "common sense" and "logic" have become extremely rare commodities in the 21st century, but we keep trying anyway.)

Briefly, here's how our system works:

• First, the resources we want to track are grouped into general areas, which we call "Resource Groups," according to BASIC FUNCTION (i.e., resources that generally meet a particular basic human need - like eating, for example).

• Within each Resource Group, you will usually find several "Search Categories." More specific, but limited to a sensible number within each Resource Group. Nobody likes to go through hundreds of topics in a single menu. We don't either.

• Enter your Zip Code, define your search radius (i.e., how far you're willing to go to get what you want), choose a category and select whatever additional search criteria you prefer, and you're there!

In a few seconds, you can find a variety of resources that provide those products and services that you need, if available within your search area, arranged by their distance from your home. Or your friend's home. Or wherever you might happen to be visiting.

Not just "somewhere" in that City, but NEAR WHEREVER YOU HAPPEN TO BE! Close! Convenient! And they're ALL barrier-free!

Once you have found what you want, you can be on your way, and it didn't take all day!

On the other hand, attempting to search for someplace to GO in any sort of directory that lists similar places to go ALPHABETICALLY instead of GEOGRAPHICALLY (for example, if you were trying to find a good restaurant in a city that is 25 miles long and 15 miles wide, and didn't know the names of the various neighborhoods within that city) would make absolutely no sense at all for most people, whether "disabled" or not, especially considering the price of gasoline today.

Some information providers and online "directory" services still seem to do things the same old, illogical way when today's technology allows us to do so much more. We have no idea why they still cling to their old ways ... but then again, such illogical "thinking" really didn't make any sense to us in the last century either. That's why we had to find a better way ...

And it has been refreshing to see an ever-increasing number of service providers beginning to embrace similar "assistive technology" to what we've been using for decades. That's what we like to see. The "Technology" is supposed to make life easier, for all of us, to do a multitude of things we couldn't do before. And it's so great to be alive in today's high-tech world that we can hardly wait to see what new capabilities tomorrow's technology will bring!
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