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About Our User-Friendly Site Design

[4] A Better Way – Search the Way You Think:
Illustration: A woman sitting in a garden, reading a book. CLICK THE PICTURE for further discussion.
BFC is NOT just "another yellow pages".

The barrier-free resources you will find listed here are grouped intuitively, so you can search the way you think. Although it may take a bit more thought and effort to do it that way, we think it's well worth that extra little bit of effort, because it makes logical sense!

Perhaps you've never thought about this issue before, but please take a moment to contemplate the following fact:

Information is generally NOT stored alphabetically in the human mind.

Alphabetically speaking, Alaska is right there between Alabama and Arizona ... but they're not quite so close geographically or climatically.

And although we've been taught since childhood that we're not supposed to mix apples and oranges, most of us would tend to group Apples and Oranges together, but maybe separately from such items as Anchovies and Oysters. One group we might call "fruit" and the other we might call "seafood."

Acuras and Oldsmobiles, on the other hand, would belong to a different group, generally not related to the other items mentioned above whose names begin with "A" and "O".

While collectively "fruit" items and "seafood" items do belong to the general category we call "food," it's pretty unlikely that you'll head for the kitchen or walk into a restaurant thinking to yourself "today I'm going to eat something that begins with 'O'."

And unless you're really weird, you probably won't be eating an Oldsmobile — or taking a ride in an Orange either.

It just doesn't always make sense to arrange things alphabetically.

However, most producers of traditional directories do it that way because they've always done it that way ... and it's easier.

Maybe easier for those who produce directories ...

Maybe NOT so easy for those who are trying to use such a directory.

We knew there had to be a better way. So we created one!

Please continue ...
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