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About Our User-Friendly Site Design

[2] State-of-the-Art Search Technology:
Illustration: Trying to find a restaurant, Natasha attempts to decipher the Yellow Pages.
When we first brought our project online, our Listings of barrier-
free resources were arranged alphabetically by category within each geographic area.

Available search software in the early 1990's was primitive, slow, inefficient, and prohibitively expensive. So we launched our information service "manually", and waited for technology to catch up with our dreams.

Business responded well to the concept, and BFC began to grow.

We tried several "locator" services during the first few years, but none of them seemed able to deliver the level of service they had promised.

And then we discovered
ZipMath Software, a "serious" geo-search software development group based in Cupertino CA.

With an impressive and distinguished list of clients which included Cornell University, several other prestigious universities, a large number of well-known labor unions, the U.S. Postal Service, and the Internal Revenue Service, we figured that the ZipMath folks must be extremely good at whatever they do.

Because nobody can break promises to clients like those and stay in business for long.

ZipMath's software is amazingly searchable and incredibly fast. Even with our increasingly complex data filtration paradigm (which was first developed for our "Dining" section, and which now includes more than 50 search filters for the most requested consumer features), ZipMath is able to crunch through more than a million records in less than 0.3 seconds to help each hungry user find precisely what they want ... if it exists on our system.

And perhaps even more importantly, ZipMath doesn't find what they don't want!

Features of our dining search system include:

• An easier-to-use search form that allows you to quickly tailor your search to find exactly what you need in minimal time, even for those with older computers or a slow connection;

• A TWO-STAGE search results interface which almost instantly displays a basic list of nearby barrier-free facilities that meet your requirements, sorted by distance from your home and paginated in groups of five to minimize scrolling and shorten download times.

• Each Listing in Stage 1 of your search includes a map link AND a link to Stage 2, which features detailed consumer information, including graphics, for those specific facilities you want to learn more about.

It's fast. It's pretty. It's informative. And it's very user-friendly. You'll love it.

As with any new software one uses, we expect it may be awhile before we fully comprehend and utilize all of ZipMath's capabilities.

But we'll be working on it.

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